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Hawaii Paralegal Association


$4,690.00 Monthly


Oahu, HI

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Full-Time Permanent

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Department of the Corporation Counsel

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Position Information

Current Vacancy Information:
There are two (2) vacancies with Corporation Counsel Department, Litigation Division. A Claims Management Specialist independently performs the full range and variety of claims management and adjusting activities to ensure timely and fair settlements of property and liability claims by and against the City or an assigned agency; evaluates, investigates and makes recommendations on claims and related issues; reviews and processes payments; and performs other related duties as required.

Special Work Requirements: Must be physically able to perform, efficiently and effectively, investigative work that requires moderate to arduous physical exertion, including but not limited to, the ability to ascend and descend ladders, scaffolds, and stairs; move safely over uneven terrain or in confined spaces to access an investigation site; traverse irregular and steep terrain;  bend, crawl on hands and knees, and/or reach and lift to perform inspections; and lift and carry or otherwise move 25 pounds. Work schedule may be adjusted to include evenings, weekends and holidays. The current vacancies require the use of a personal vehicle.

If you qualify for the position, your name will be placed on an eligible list for further consideration. This list may be used to fill current and future vacancies in this and/or other departments.  

Additional Job Information

Applications must be submitted online at to be accepted.   

Some notifications will be sent via e-mail. You are responsible for monitoring instructions and correspondence from this office by checking your email account in a timely manner. To ensure proper delivery, please make sure you:
     – use a valid e-mail account;
     – verify your e-mail address is entered correctly on your GovernmentJobs account;
     – are subscribed to e-mail notices;
     – check your spam folders; and
     – add and to your contact list.
Notifications may also be sent via text message if opted into the service.  Data and text messaging fees apply. 

Minimum Qualification Requirements

At time of application, you must be a citizen, national or permanent resident alien of the United States or a non-citizen eligible under federal law for unrestricted employment. 

Equivalent to graduation from a regionally-accredited four year college or university with a bachelor’s degree.  

Education obtained outside of the United States must be comparable to a degree earned at a regionally-accredited college/university in the United States. In order to receive credit for the education, a foreign credential evaluation (FCE) must be provided. We also reserve the right to request further information about your academic program, evidence of comparability, or an original transcript.

Verification Requirement: You must submit evidence of your Bachelor’s degree in order to be given credit for the substitution.  Please attach an electronic copy of your diploma and/or official transcript which shows the embossed seal or applicable FCE to your application.  Or mail a photocopy of your documents by the closing date of this recruitment to the following address: Department of Human Resources, 650 South King Street, 10th Floor, Honolulu, HI 96813.  Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted. Copies will not be returned. All information on your documentation must be legible and complete in order to be given credit.
Substitution:  Work experience may be substituted for a bachelor’s degree on a year-for-year basis.  Such experience must have provided the knowledge, skills, and analytical ability normally gained from attainment of a bachelor’s degree.


Two (2) years of progressively responsible professional work experience which involved investigating, analyzing, adjusting and settling claims of liability, property damage, worker’s compensation and/or automobile cases for insurance companies and/or self-insured programs of government and/or major private organizations.

Such experience must have demonstrated the knowledge of the principles and practices of insurance claims adjusting; risk management principles, concepts and practices; claims investigations and settlement techniques; interviewing and investigating methods and techniques; and the ability to investigate, evaluate, adjust and settle liability, property, and automobile claims; analyze, interpret and apply State Statutes, court decisions, legal opinions, and insurance clauses and provisions; read and evaluate medical reports relating to claims for injury; conduct investigations and interview claimants and witnesses;  exercise sound judgment in analyzing and evaluating a wide variety of claim data; negotiate effectively with claimants and attorneys; deal tactfully and effectively with people; communicate in a clear and concise manner; and write accurate, clear and concise reports.

Possession of a valid driver’s license (Type 3/automobile), prior to appointment. 

Examination Process

In addition to meeting the above minimum qualifications, your application will be further evaluated.  Your score will be based on the quality and quantity of your education, experience and/or other related job requirements and competencies applicable to the position.  Failure to provide sufficient information may result in your application being rejected or your receiving a lower score. 

Education and Experience Evaluation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100%


What are the benefits of being a City Employee?

— Vacation: Employees may earn up to 21 days per year.

— Sick Leave: Employees may earn up to 21 days per year.

— Holidays: 13 days a year; 14 days during election years.

— Training and Development: Computer, career, and personal enhancement courses are offered; curriculum designed for employee, supervisory, and management development.

— Medical, Dental, Prescription Drug, and Vision Care: Various health insurance plans are available. Premiums are subsidized by the City and deductible from pre-tax income for participants of the Premium Conversion Plan (PCP).

— Group Life Insurance: No cost for eligible employees.

— Deferred Compensation Plan: Invest in your future…choose to defer part of your pre-tax income for retirement.

— Retirement Plan: The Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) of the State of Hawaii administers retirement benefits for State and County employees. Employee contribution required.

— Commuter Choice Pre-Tax Benefits: Employees may designate certain transportation expenses (TheBus, LOTMA, Vanpool Hawaii, etc.) as a pre-tax item

— Parking: Some job locations offer parking on-site; others may have access to parking at low monthly rates.

— Direct Deposit: Direct deposit of paychecks to a designated financial institution is available.

— Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Confidential, professional counseling and resource referral.

— Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program: A federal program forgiving the balance of federal student loans for individuals working in public service. For program requirements and additional information, please visit:

To view additional information, please visit our Benefits of City Employment page. 

* All benefits as stated above, are subject to eligibility requirements and to legislative and/or negotiated changes. Individuals are responsible for any related fees or charges that may apply.


01: When applying for this position, please thoroughly complete the Education, Work Experience, and Supplemental Question sections of your application. The information provided in these sections, particularly the job-specific Supplemental Questions, will be used to determine whether you meet the qualification requirements for the job and your final score. Failure to provide detailed and complete information or submit any required documentation may result in your application being rejected or you receiving a lower score. If you have no experience in a particular area, indicate “none.” Please do not submit resumes in place of completing any of these sections.

  • I certify that I have read and understand the above statements.

02: Which of the following area(s) and organization(s) do you have claims management experience in: (check off all that apply)

  • automobile cases
  • claims of liability
  • property damage
  • worker’s compensation
  • other claims
  • insurance companies
  • major private
  • self-insured programs of government
  • certificates of insurance & minimum coverages
  • none

03: Which of the following duties of work do you perform on a regular basis: (check off all that apply)

  • composing correspondence for appropriate signature
  • conducting site investigation of claims
  • determining the disposition of claims and liability
  • making timely and fair recommendations as to damages and settlements
  • preparing written reports of recommendations to include settlement amount
  • providing justification for the denial of claims
  • reviewing statements of claims
  • reviewing letters from attorneys and insurance companies
  • reviewing medical reports
  • reviewing police reports
  • taking photographs and/or videos
  • taking statements from involved parties

04: For the answers checked off in Questions #2 and #3, please indicate which position(s) from the Work Experience section of your application where you have the experience and explain the amount of time you spend working on each task.