Vern R. Williams, MD – Expert Witness

Dr. Williams is a University of Hawaii graduate (MS Oceanography 1980, MD in 1984), with multiple long term connections to the islands.  After 10 years as an Internist he entered the field of Addiction Medicine as the medical director of a Native American treatment program in Portland, Oregon.  Seven years later he became the medical director at Hazelden Springbrook, a nationally recognized treatment facility that specializes in the care of healthcare professionals (primarily physicians, dentists, pharmacists).  He remains actively Board certified in both Addiction Medicine and Internal Medicine.  He has given educational lectures on addiction to both professional and lay groups throughout the U.S., and in the UK as well.  He currently serves, part-time, as a staff physician at three treatment facilities on the north Oregon coast and as a consultant to the Oregon Medical Board and Puʻulu Lapaau (Hawaiiʻs Healthcare Professionals Program).  Over the past two years he has also served as an expert witness on substance use and abuse for a dozen legal cases in the Pacific Northwest.  He is licensed in both Oregon and Hawaii, and splits his time between the two states.

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