Hawai‘i’s Only ABA-Approved Paralegal Program Celebrates 40 Years of Service to Hawai‘i’s Lawyers

The Kapiolani Community College is celebrating forty years of paralegal education with a fundraiser party on Thursday, November 19, 2015.  The KCC Paralegal program, started by Bob LeClair and Leigh Wai Doo in 1975, has graduated hundreds of paralegal students who have worked for numerous law firms, large and small, across the state.  The fundraiser will include presentations by Bob LeClair, the founding program director, and Dr. Susan Jaworowski, who has continued to build on Bob’s legacy and maintain a high level of quality.

The fundraiser will be held at Kapiolani Community College’s Ka Ikena dining facility, with a three course dinner service from KCC’s national award-winning Culinary program.  The evening will include live music played by master jazz guitarist Tom Chun, who is also a graduate of the Paralegal program.

The Kapiolani Community College Paralegal program is the only ABA recognized program in the state and it has been graduating paralegals who support Hawaii’s legal community for the past forty years.  KCC-trained paralegals work in law firms, banks, mortgage companies, health systems offices, the DOE, the Judiciary, the Honolulu Prosecutors Office, the State Legislature, and various state agencies, including the Department of the Attorney General.

While the KCC Paralegal program receives support from the university for its basic needs, it has always counted on outside funding to make it a high quality program that is responsive to the needs of the legal community.  Proceeds from the fundraiser will support professional development, student scholarships, subscriptions, conference attendance, development of state-of-the-art materials and other important features for the program.  For more information, please email Dr. Susan Jaworowski at susan.jaworowski@hawaii.edu.

Article by Dr. Susan Jaworowski