Membership in HPA is divided into four categories:

Voting Membership is open to any person who is employed as a paralegal, as well as any person currently employed as a non-attorney supervisor of paralegals who was previously employed as a paralegal.

Associate Membership, non-voting, is open to any person: a) who is presently employed as a paralegal outside the State of Hawaii; b) who was formerly employed as a paralegal; c) who is employed in the legal profession in another position other than that of a paralegal.

Student Membership, non-voting, is open to anyone who is enrolled in a formal paralegal program within or outside the State of Hawaii and is not employed as a paralegal. Proof of student status required.

Sustaining Membership, non-voting, is open to any person, partnership, corporation, association, or entity interested in supporting the purposes and activities of HPA.

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